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I grew up within the Allegheny National Forest in a tiny town named Tidioute in northwestern Pennsylvania.  I currently reside in Denver, Colorado–a stark contrast to my hometown.

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Anahata Chakra (Heart)

The fourth chakra, the heart chakra, rests in the center of the chakra system, at the core of our spirit. Its physical location is the heart, upper chest, and upper back. The fourth is the balance point, integrating the world of matter (the lower three chakras) with the world of spirit (the upper three chakras). Through the heart chakra, we open to and connect with harmony and peace. The health of our heart center registers the quality and power of love in our life. In Sanskrit, the heart chakra is called Anahata, which means “unstruck” or “unhurt.” Its name implies that deep beneath our personal stories of brokenness and the pain in our heart, wholeness, boundless love, and a wellspring of compassion reside.  ~By Barbara Kaplan Herring via http://bit.ly/1pMkZ4S


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